Master Science

Unique opportunities for high school students & teachers

to interact with real scientists & access facilities!


Our MSchool Open Lab for Science Extension students officially opened 

on Monday 11th February 2019.

The MSchool Open Lab offers a unique opportunity for Stage 6

Science Extension students to gain access to real laboratory facilities,

equipment and science mentors.T


Our MSchool Open Lab operates during the following hours in Terms 1 & 2 in 2019:


Mondays 3.30 pm - 6.30 pm


Fridays 3.30 pm - 6.30 pm 


During which hours Stage 6 Science Extension students are welcome to attend for as long as they like to design, prepare for and work on experiments and seek mentoring advice from our scientists.


$30 (incl. GST) joining fee + $30 (incl. GST) per session

includes access to PC1 laboratory facility under supervision of Quantal Bioscience scientists, with specialised equipment training and access and reasonable laboratory consumable usage


Stage 6 Science Extension teachers are welcome to accompany their students FREE at any time.


In order to join and attend the MSchool Open Lab Stage 6 students must have the consent of both their parent / guardian, as well as from their Stage 6 Science Extension Teacher, who remains their primary mentor for their research project.


Students wishing to join the MSchool Open Lab, please download and arrange for completion of both forms below by your parent / guardian and teacher, and return both forms by email to prior to attending your first MSchool Open Lab. 


Students are welcome to join the MSchool Open Lab at any time during their Science Extension course.


MSchool student members receive online access for one school year to biosafety and microbiological techniques protocols, as well as guidance on analysis of microbiological data via our MSc Portal.

Parent/guardian consent form

Stage 6 Teacher consent form

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